In accordance to lifting part of restrictions on the shopping centers, stores which  could not have been opened so far started to operate in Galeria Chełm. Recently, customers gained the opportunity to do comprehensive shopping for the whole family in one place. In addition to convenient shopping, Galeria Chełm visitors may also experience for the first time the unique architectural solutions and decorative elements that distinguish the Galeria from other shopping facilities throughout the country. Further shops and zones of Galeria Chełm will be successively opened in accordance with applicable regulations. The grand opening of the center is still waiting for favorable time.


Customers of Galeria Chełm can enjoy shopping in a much larger number of stores than it has been possible so far. Other tenants have joined the existing stores of Lidl, Dealz, Hebe, Rossmann and laundry stores. Among them are: New Yorker, CCC, Deichmann, Smyk, 4F, Big Star, Martes Sport, Home & You, Pepco, Vision Express, Esotiq, KS Sport, Orange, Play, Plus , Telemagic, Ziaja, Diverse, RTV Euro AGD, KiK and money exchange desk. Further shops and functional zones of the facility will be successively opened in accordance with applicable regulations. In addition, the Briju store will welcome its customers within next few days. Galeria Chełm is open from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 21:00. The Lidl supermarket is open from 6:00 to 22:00.

Visitors can also experience previously unavailable parts of the facility. Interior of the shopping center is packed with innovative, exclusively designed and prepared solutions and decorations. Fashionable industrial flower pots have appeared in the food court. Nature, greenery and floristic motifs are an extremely important elements in Galeria Chełm. Plants appear, among others in chillout areas and outside. Particularly interesting are the original graphics decorating the walls, in which a number of interactive solutions have been installed. Each of the graphics is also intended to educate and inspire customers to various forms of active leisure and bring the history of the region and Chełm in an accessible way. The remaining parts of Galeria are still waiting for their unveiling at favorable time, which the facility administration will regularly inform about.


– The opportunity to activate operations of further tenants meant that our customers are able to experience for the first time previously inaccessible parts of Galeria. When designing the interiors of our shopping center, we intended Galeria Chełm to be a place where everyone will spend an enjoyable time with family and friends. Today, shopping facilities still cannot fulfill this function, however while shopping, our visitors can already admire architectural solutions and decorative elements that we are really proud of and that will definitely make a positive impression on everyone. As soon as it will become feasible we will organize a grand opening full of entertainment for all Chełm residents – says Marcin Markowski, spokesperson of Galeria Chełm.


Galeria Chełm continuously keeps up to date with the principles of safety and hygiene and adheres to applicable regulations and guidelines so that customers and employees can feel safe on its premises. In accordance with the recommendations in force, relaxation zones, food courts and children’s playgrounds have been excluded from general use within the center. The visitors of Galeria Chełm have dispensers for hand disinfectants conveniently available in many places. All shoppers still have to follow the rules for covering their mouths and nose. Galeria may host a limited number of visitors at a time – one customer per 15 sq m. Customers are also informed about maintaining a safe 2-meter distance. Additionally, the parking lot has a parking rule of leaving every second parking space empty.


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